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Wirral Garden Offices

Bespoke Garden Rooms

Garden room interior

Garden room interior finish

All of our garden buildings have a choice of finishes.  The standard finish is dry-lined with plasterboard and then skimmed to provide a ‘house like’ interior feel.   We also offer wooden cladding as an optional.  Skirting boards and architrave are fitted where suitable.

Garden room interior ceilings

On our Garden Rooms and Garden Offices with a flat roof, we fit flat ceilings.  When we have a sloped roof then we offer the choice of a sloped ceiling or a flat ceiling.  The sloped ceiling maximises the headroom while the flat ceiling makes the room feel more like a “normal” house room.

Garden room interior flooring

In an ODAS Garden Room or Garden Office we use 18mm or 22mm plywood or OSB  boards which are then covered with laminate.  Tiles or carpet can be optionals.  The thicker boards have the advantage of being more solid but they do reduce slightly the overall head height.

Garden room interior electrics

All of our garden buildings come with a full electrical system installed by a qualified electrician.  We also provide electrical certification so that your insurance company is happy.   Our standard package includes lights, switches and sockets in a modern white finish but during the design phase you are free to specify any style you desire – additional costs might be necessary.   We provide 2 light points in the ceiling as standard with spotlights as an optional and at least 3 double sockets.  If you are planning to use the garden room in cool or cold weather we install a 2.4Kw electric heater. 

Further options for your garden room interior

We can provide bathrooms complete with shower, toilet sink. This requires access to water and drains and may necessitate planning permission depending upon your circumstances.

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