Book a garden room survey.

A  garden room survey will help to give you a clear idea about what you can realistically build on your land and how much it will cost.  The survey does not require too much time, maybe 30 to 45 minutes.  We will be able to talk through various options with you while giving you the benefit of our experience.

free garden room survey

Among the many important things to consider during the survey are

  • What are you going to use the garden building for, how often will you use it, where does the sun pass over your garden?
  • Your site – how close will the garden room be to the neighbbours?  Is there already a base?
  • Access to your main property is also important – is there a path?  What will happen if it rains?  Will you get wet?  
  • Internet access is also an important issue for many people so we will ask questions such as:  Will you be within the range of your house wifi?  Will you be able to use an internet booster through the electrical wiring of your house?  Will you be using a mobile wifi hotspot?

Please drop us a line and we will call to fix a time to come and survey your property with you and discuss your options.