Insulated Garden Rooms

We design our Insulated Garden Rooms to be used all year and in all seasons. This means that they have to be well insulated garden rooms that our clients can use for a range of different functions.  Where they are used as additional living space they have to be able to keep someone comfortable all night.

Different uses require different grades of insulation : if you use your insulated garden room primarily as a gym then you might not require the same level of insulation that an insulated garden office would need.  In the first the users are performing physical activity and working out, in the second case there is a good chance that the person or people working in the garden office are sat at a desk and getting little movement.

Garden Surgery Little Sutton

Our insulated garden rooms and offices feature insulated walls, floors, ceilings, and double glazing on the windows and doors.  

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We build the structure of our garden rooms and offices out of 4″ by 2″ timbers – this gives us a depth within the stud walls of 95mm.  We leave a gap between the insulation and the external breathable membrane to allow air flow and prevent condensation.  This gap is normally 25mm leaving us enough room to put in up to 70mm of top quality insulation such as Celotex or Kingspan or other similar materials.  These are multi-purpose insulation boards which provide simple solutions. They are made from rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) with aluminium foil facings.

External cladding also helps with insulating your garden room.  Wood is a natural form of insulation and most of our clients prefer to clad their insulated garden rooms with red cedar treated tongue and groove timbers.  This gives an attractive natural look and insulates at the same time.  Inside your garden room you can choose to have the walls made from plasterboard or something more adventurous such as OSB or wood cladding.