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We build affordable bespoke She Sheds

What is a She Shed?

A She Shed is a structure that you have built in your garden to have more space and be able to work from home.

We have numerous styles available for your She Shed with a choice of internal and external finishes.

The big advantage of having a bespoke She Shed built by us is that you can choose the design, layout and finishes.

We will be happy to visit you to carry out a free survey and listen to your requirements .  Then we will be able to advise you as to what solution is best for your specific circumstances.

Garden Office Little Sutton
garden office Little Sutton
garden office sloped roof
garden office sloped roof
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garden office Chester

How much does a She Shed cost?

A She Shed costs a lot less than a normal building extension.  The cost depends upon factors such as size, how much insulation do you want, what type of windows and doors will there be…

A garden office will also require electrical sockets and lighting.  The number of sockets needed and the kind of lighting required. Plastered walls cost less than wooden cladded wall.

External cladding can be timber or composite materials.

Why building a She Shed is a good idea


There is no need to wait months for your She Shed.


Most She Sheds can be finished in 1 weeks from start date.
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No off-the-shelf kits - all of our She Sheds are built to order.


We will sit with you to design the She Shed that matches your personality.
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A She Shed costs much less than a traditional extension.


A 4m x 3m She Shed can be built for as little as £ 3,750.
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No Planning

Keeping within the height limits means no planning permission.

Permitted Development

In most areas, keeping within the 2.5m height limit means no planning permission.
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She Shed Wirral

5 reasons you need a She Shed​

  1. In a She Shed you express your personality through design without compromise.
  2. A She Shed means you can have some me time away frim family life.
  3. Moving your office out of the house gives you more room for living.
  4. A She Shed gives you somewhere private to meet your friends.
  5. It gives you somewhere to think.
garden office inside wirral
She Shed inside wirral

She Shed frequently asked questions

What Planning Permission does a She Shed require?

  • In most areas a She Shed can be built without planning permission.

How long does it take to build a She Shed?

  • Normally a She Shed can be built within a 5-10 day period.  Building is weather dependent so inclement weather can prolong this period but this would not affect the cost of the project.

What kind of base does a She Shed require?

  • A She Shed requires a solid base.  If you already have a brick base, a patio area or a concrete base that is often sufficient.  I you need a base for your She Shed then there are various solutions:
    • you can build a concrete base for your She Shed
    • you can build a She Shed base using flagstones
    • you can build a She Shed base on metal piles

How do you design a garden office?

  • A She Shed should be designed to meet the needs of the client.

Can a She Shed be heated?

  • Yes, a She Shed can be heated by an electrical heater.