Wirral Garden Offices

Bespoke Garden Rooms

Wirral Garden Offices

Bespoke Garden Rooms

Garden office construction details

Garden room structure


Our Garden Buildings  are built to last.   They are fully insulated for year round occupation.  A garden room normally takes between 7-12 days to build, depending on the style and base.

Timber Frames

An ODAS Garden Room or Garden Office is built from treated 4 by 2 (96mm x 47mm )C24 & C16 structural grade timbers.  We cut and build the wall frames on site. Our roofs are constructed from 6 by 2  C24 timber. 

Under Boards

The floors of our garden buildings are boarded underneath with 9mm Plywood or OSB wrapped in a breather membrane to protect them from moisture and  against vermin.  This layer of boarding holds the insulating PIR foil-foam panels under the base.

Breather Membrane

The breather membrane prevents any moisture that may have entered the external cladding from penetrating further into the garden building.  Being breathable it allows any moisture vapour trapped in the walls to escape .

Vapour Control Layer (VCL)

Our ODAS Garden Room and Offices come with a vapour control layer  to prevent condensation occurring  between the insulation and the plasterboard.  The VCL prevents warm moist air passing form inside the garden room into the walls of the structure where it can condense on the cold inside face of the outer wall, causing damage.  

Garden room insulation

All ODAS  Garden Rooms and Garden Offices  are insulated with PIR foil-foam insulation (like Celetex or Kingspan).  We insulate the walls, floors and ceilings.